Sunday, August 4, 2013

Undefined Carved Doctor Who Tardis Stamp

I have finally busted out my Undefined Stamp Carving Kit and after several sketches came up with something really fun that I wanted to share with you today of all days.  I made a Tardis in honor of the announcement of the 12th Doctor on the upcoming season of Doctor Who today! If you are a fellow Whovian then you can truly appreciate this very special, hand carved Tardis stamp made by me!  Now the hard part is figuring out what other Doctor related stamps I want to carve to complete the 4 piece set.
Undefined Stamp Carving Kit  133402                                                                                         
Have you ever wanted a stamp but couldn’t find the perfect image? Maybe you have a special family logo or a sketch you’d like to have as a stamp. Well now you can! Undefined is Stampin’ Up!’s new stamp carving product line. You define the rubber stamp any way you want.

Included in the Stamp Carving Kit:
* 2 carving tools
* 3" x 4" rubber
* 3" x 4" foam
* 4 wood blocks (various sizes)
* 1 Island Indigo Stampin’ Write Marker
* 3 postcards
* Instruction sheet
* Stamp image templates

PRO TIP: Add a sheet of Clear-Mount Cling Foam to create your own clear-mount stamps. Mounting your stamps on the cling foam allows you to make stamps any size you want, not just what will fit on the blocks in the kit.

Also available:
Undefined Stamp Carving Refill Kit                                              
Preferred Price: $9.95
Included in the Refill Kit: 3" x 4" rubber; 3" x 4" foam; 4 wood blocks (various sizes); Instruction sheet.

Hope you enjoy the post today! If you want to order an Undefined Stamp Carving Kit or need a Refill Kit, then please feel free to shop directly with me online at

Have a great day!
Charlotte Hollingsworth

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Jan Hoyt said...

clever idea...and the timing is perfect. Next project? hmmm, one little hint :"exterminate! exterminate!" lol! Jan